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Equinox Roof installation by The Fascia Division - 04:43 minutes

Tile your conservatory roof

Getting the most out of your conservatory is made simple with our stunning Equinox tiled roofs. Change how you use it forever with the roofing system that will transform your rarely used area into a place that’s not only cooler in the summer, but warmer in the winter. With a light and bright interior that is welcoming all year round you’ll want to spend more time relaxing in a conservatory that you can fully enjoy.

Our highly skilled installation teams are ready to install your new Equinox tiled roof when you have chosen the best match for your home. With a choice of styles and colours including Ebony and Plum, you’re sure to find a combination that will enhance your conservatory wonderfully. Our experts are also more than happy to offer help and advice with your selection if you can’t make up your mind on what would best suit your home.

A room for all seasons

No longer being susceptible to changes in temperature gives an Equinox tiled roof a major advantage. It also gives you another way to personalise your space. Internal surfaces can be finished with plaster or tongue-and-groove so you can decorate it like a conventional extension. Roof windows are also an option to allow in more natural light.

Equinox Tiled Roof benefits:


Blocks the suns heat while letting in light.


Easy to fit, saving you money.


Fully insulated means a more constant temperature.

Guaranteed for 10 years and up to 50 years on tiles.

equinox feel the difference

Feel the difference

A highly insulated Equinox roof offers a comfortable living space all year round.

All Equinox Tiled Roof Conservatories from The Fascia Division offer:

  • Effective weather proofing
    - Insulated to reduce glare from the sun or noise from the rain.
  • Choice of finishes
    - The interior can be finished with plasterboard or tongue-and-groove.
  • Guaranteed quality
    - 10 year guarantee on the roof system, up to 50 years on tiles.
  • Reliable assured service

Choose your tile colour and style

Authentic slate looks without the associated problems Made from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene, composite roof slate offers authentic natural looks without the risk of shattering, fading, warping or cracking.

Equinox roof tiles available in:




Antique Red


Burnt Umber


Moss Green




Brick Red


Pewter Grey


Stone Black






Slate Grey

Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof FAQs

Yes. The fully insulated roof design achieves U-values as low as 0.15 – roughly 10 times more efficient than an A-rated window. This exceptional thermal performance minimises heat loss – which translates into reduced energy bills.

Yes. A multi-layered roof design means there’s no chance of moisture build-up in the roof space, putting your mind at rest that there’ll be no condensation issues to worry about.

Yes. Glass and polycarbonate roofs produce glare in direct sunlight and become noisy during rain or hail showers. Equinox dramatically reduces these issues so you can use your space undisturbed.

Equinox tiled roof systems are compatible with all types of conservatories – whether it’s a small lean-to or a large-scale P-shaped design – we can truly transform any space to suit your needs. Hipped or mono-pitch designs can easily be achieved, and the traditional aesthetics of Equinox ensures your roof will complement your conservatory and its surrounding environment – whatever you choose to use it for.

The internal surfaces of your Equinox roof can be finished with a modern plasterboard or tongue-and-groove timber ceiling – creating the look and feel of a conventional home extension.

If you want to maintain a light, bright and airy environment, then optional roof windows will flood your conservatory with natural light – without the harsh summer glare of traditional conservatories. Our premium quality roof windows are available with a choice of features – just ask your installer for more information.

Equinox isn’t just a great system for conservatory roofs either. This versatile solution can also be used to transform flat roofs – whether you are building a new extension or you have an existing flat roof that’s ready for a change.In fact, no job’s too small for Equinox. Even porches can benefit from a contemporary makeover.

The cost of your new Equinox tiled conservatory roof depends on the size and shape of your existing conservatory. It also depends on the tiles you choose, and if you would like a skylight installation.

This is where our Customer Care Team can help. Contact us now through our simple online contact form here, and we'll help you through the process from quote to choosing the right installer through to installation.

This advanced premium-quality roof system has been designed for straightforward hassle-free installation onto your existing conservatory, so you can look forward to minimal disruption to your home life. In fact, Equinox can be installed in as little as 48 hours. It’s the perfect replacement for a tired looking traditional conservatory roof, or to turn a new conservatory into a year-round living space.

Yes. The Equinox tiled roof system is guaranteed for ten years, so you can be sure that you’re buying a robust, well-designed, precision-made product that’s built to last. There’s even a warranty on tiles of up to 50 years*!

* Dependent on tile type

Yes. Equinox comes in a choice of finishes and colours, so you’re sure to find a perfect match!

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